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When You Win

Media: fic
Title: When You Win
Author: delta_cephei
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: None
Warnings: D/s, light bondage, rimming, comeplay, orgasm denial, spanking, toys
Word Count: 7100

Summary: In which Kurt is bossy, and Blaine really doesn't mind.  A whole lotta porn and not much plot.

Author's Note: This is the story I wrote for likeasouffle way back during the holidays, I'm just really lazy and forgetful which is why it's only being posted now.  It was for the kb_holidays challenge, and she wanted "BDSM, practically any kinks, with Blaine as a bottom/submissive. Maybe he gets tied up, flogged, humiliated, peed on... Whatever it is, he is completely epically turned on by it. Kurt is ok with this. :D"  I had a lot more fun writing this than I thought I would, especially considering I've never attempted any kind of BDSM before.  Hope you enjoy!

Lots and lots of porn. Seven thousand words of it, to be precise.Collapse )


Feb. 23rd, 2012

This chick who's friends with my roommate is at my house and won't stop being hugely obnoxious about her crappy music collection. She keeps playing a song then announcing to the room that we probably won't know the song and she's the only one who appreciates it. Someone please shoot me.

New user name!

So I just changed my username, because I've definitely grown out of "Glinchan", and to be honest, it kind of makes me wince. I kind of feel like it's appropriating Japanese culture for my own gain, and even though it might not be as blatant as some instances of that, it still makes me really uncomfortable. It's prevented me from commenting and being active in fandom, so I figured it was time to change it. I'm a white girl, I don't need to be doing that shit. I'm also a huge astronomy nerd, so I really wanted "Cepheid_variable", but that was already taken, so I went with "Delta_cephei", which is a binary star system and the first recognized instance of a cepheid variable.

I've also deleted a bunch of entries from about a year and a half ago, because they're all from a very difficult time in my life and it kind of hurts to read them. Hears to starting fresh!
No, I will not keep blowing you after your roommate walks in, even if you produce a blanket for me to get under. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Also, remixing "The Scientist" as a rap song is, in my mind, tantamount to sacrilage. There's just no need for that. I would say it's gilding the lilly, except this is more like forgetting to water the lilly for a week or two and letting it wilt.
Last thoughts: How is it that as soon as we got you out the door you were passed out on the ground, yet two minutes before you had managed to give half the hockey team lap dances? That seems rather cosmically unfair to the friends who had to carry you, either kicking and screaming or passed out, back to your room on the seventh floor from the taxi. You owe us, you drunk bitch. No more whiskey for you. Ever.


 I swear, if I hear another obnoxiously loud, off-pitch rendition of "Take Me or Leave Me" at equally obnoxious hours of the night, I'm going to have to smack that bitch.  Apparently, she thinks she can sing.

Goddamnit, now she's ruining "Oh, Darling".  FML


 Is it normal for geese to be flying overhead at three o'clock in the morning?  Because I definitely just heard a flock of geese right outside my window.  How strange.  It was about the last thing I expected to hear at this time of night.
 I have no bloody clue why the girl two doors down from me insists on listening to poorly done Christmas carols with her door open, but she needs to cease and desist right now.  Seriously, I don't know why the fuck coming out with Christmas cds has become a right of passage for pop singers, but they all suck and need to be burned.

I mean, come on now.  I think we all know that Christmas starts on November 1st and not a day before.

Gravitation Remixes

 I just downloaded all twelve or so of the Gravitation Remix dojinshis.  I've wanted to read these for the past few years, but I've never really gotten around to it.  I'm currently in the middle of my third one (I'm not reading them in any particular order), and so far... well, they weren't quite what I was expecting.

First of all, the Yuki/Tatsuha one rather surprised me.  I wasn't expecting Yuki to be the uke, and I was completely shocked when things took a turn for the violent.  Tatsuha may be kinda creepy at times, certainly a fanboy to the extreme, but I wouldn't have pegged him for a rapist.  I couldn't even finish that one.  It had knives in places they shouldn't be.

Hiro/Shuichi:  This one followed slightly the same formula as the first- somebody gets seduced and then dubcon ensues.  I thought Hiro was way OOC- I just don't think he would ever treat Shuichi like that, especially in bed.  Shuichi was very much himself the whole time, however.  Luckily, this one wasn't nearly as rapey as the first.

Tatsuha/Riuchi:  This was just plain confusing.  I couldn't tell whether they had actually slept together or if it was all in Tatsuha's mind until toward the end, and even then I was confused as to how many times they had done it.   I suppose the ending was clever, if rather disturbing.  Let's just say that in this one, everybody gets to be a rapist.  Yay!  Also, I'm getting the impression that Tatsuha is just going to be evil from now on.

Yuki/Shuichi:  I actually found this one to be rather sweet; or at least as sweet as these two get.  Strangely enough, it culminated in a foursome between Shuichi, Hiro, K, and Tatsuha, which I suppose was kind of hot.  In a weird, dubcon sort of way.  

Tachi/Ma-kun:  Yeah, I stopped reading as soon as the water sports showed up.  Ew, no thanks.  Also, is every single one of these dubcon?  I'm not going to get a single one where both parties are enjoying themselves fully, am I?  Nope, I don't think I am.  Obviously, I've been a naughty girl this year.

Goddamnit.  Murakami, I love your work, but please stick to writing crack-filled fluff from now on, okay?  I certainly wouldn't be adverse to a little sex, as long as it's actually fluff, and not whatever this kinky shit is.


 Almost done with a fic- I'll probably post it sometime tomorrow.

Band meme

Use song titles from one artist or band to answer the questions:  The Beatles

1. Are you male or female?:  Girl

2. Describe yourself:  Oh-Bla-Di, Oh-Bla-Dah

3. How do some people feel about you?:  Ain't She Sweet

4. How do you feel about yourself?: Think for Yourself

5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest:  This Boy

6. Where would you rather be?:  Penny Lane

7. Describe what you want to be:  Day Tripper

8. Describe how you live:  Helter Skelter

9. Describe how you love:  Every Little Thing

10. Share a few words of wisdom:  Come Together